Rhode Island Historical Societies

Locations and descriptions of Historical Societies in Rhode Island

Here you will find information on Historical Societies in Rhode Island. These Societies Share the heritage and History of Rhode Island. A great resource for discovering the location of museums in your area of Rhode Island.

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RI Historical Society Directory

Newport Historical Society
82 Touro St
Newpo-rt, RI
Ph: 401-846-0813

Museum of Newport History
127 Thames St
Newport, RI
Ph: 401-846-0813

Sprague Mansion
1351 Cranston St
Cranston RI,
Ph: 401-994-9226

Rhode Island Historical Society
110 Benevolent St,
Providence, RI

Pettaquamscutt Historical Society
2636 Kingstown Rd,
Kingston RI
Ph: 401-783-1328

Steamship Historical Society
1029 Waterman Avenue
East Providence, RI

Jamestown Museum
92 Narragansett Avenue
Jamestown RI
Ph: 401-423-0784

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